The Proven Multifamily
Talent Acquisition System

Attract top candidates, drive more sales, and a better resident experience with great teams. Improve employee engagement, reduce turnover, and grow your portfolio!

The Multifamily Talent Acquisition Success System 


Stop Wasting Money!

Follow the Talent Acquisition Strategy and reduce your staffing and recruiting costs. 10x your results and maximize your ROI.

Attract the Best!

Attract people to your company and reach people not on job boards. Stand out in the competitive Multifamily job market. 

Build Better Teams

Talent is your last real competitive advantage. Learn the strategies of forward looking brands to build teams.

We structured the course in a way that if someone does the work, there is no way they can't get results.


    Welcome Video, Course Introduction, Course Notes, Commitment for Success.


    The Process, Integration to Business Strategy, Overcoming Brand Challenges, 


    Evolution of Recruiting, Technology, Sourcing Candidates, Recruiting, The Job Post,  Where to Advertise, The Job Post ROI Tool, Job Fair Success. Sample Job Postings.


    Employer Brand, What do we Talk About?, Brand Ambassadors, Social Media, Tools & Resources. 


    The Employee Experience, Candidate Experience, Moments of Truth, The Lifetime Relationship with Employees. 

Plus more great modules on Top Drivers of Engagement, Beating Industry Averages, When and How to Fire People, the Cost of Disengagement, Tools, Resources, Bonuses and more!

The Problem in Multifamily:
We don't teach people how to bring people together. 

In this course, we teach the fundamental approaches to attract the right people. The best candidates have choices; we teach you how to attract them to your company. 

The Multifamily Talent Acquisition Success System 

To Hire the Right People

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