Game Changing Technology

Today’s renter is demanding, selective, and most of all, a user of multiple technology devices. Due to this, they are actively reshaping the way we communicate and utilize the web. While others are building what is perceived as disruptive technology, we have been quietly creating constructive technology – one that focuses on bridging the online and offline world of housing while refining the workflows of your staff and residents alike.

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  • Retain with seamless Communication 

Today’s Mobile Renter


Mobile technology, social networks, and local content generation have fundamentally altered the way we market and communicate. Navigating the technology maze can be challenging. As technology continues to significantly impact the multifamily housing industry, we track trends to analyze effective tech utilization in our market.

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This white paper explores the phenomenon of mobile technology as it investigates the current scale of market penetration. Using the latest statistics, our research illustrates the continual increase of mobile users across the globe.

  • The Global scale of Mobile

    The world is seeing a rapid technology migration to both higher speed mobile broadband networks and the increased adoption of smartphones and other connected devices.

  • The Smartphone Demographic

    Every demographic has seen a dramatic increase in the number of individuals that utilize their phones to search

    online. Believe it or not, 87 percent of baby boomers own a smartphone.

  • Changing Mobile Landscapes

    Businesses, who do not respond efficiently to mobile

    trends, could miss out on possible sales opportunities.

  • Transacting & Communicating

    Higher adoption rates are not the only factor driving the growth of m-commerce. Currently, consumers expect

    transactions to be easier on mobile than through any other form of technology

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With easily-accessible mobile technology,
consumers expect information on demand.